Company establishments, accounting, auditing, tax and social security legislation related practice and consultancy, e-commerce, education, construction, cosmetics, electricity, electronics, advertising, mining, cafe-restaurant, food, textile, retail, health, wholesale or With its experience, knowledge and experience in all sectors engaged in retail, import or export, it has adopted the principle of presenting quality, accurate and reliable information to its customers and candidates.
It is very important for a better business life to implement the existing laws and changes in the tax and social security legislation in the most accurate way, to present important developments in the most accurate and reliable manner. 

Our Mission 

To be a member of the profession who brings to the fore the professional association that improves the knowledge and career of the profession with myself, by carrying out scientific and technological studies that guide the practices in accounting, sharing information and continuous trainings and publications in order to protect our professional rights and law. 

Our Vision 

To defend innovative, transparent and accountability with future studies.
To take part in the professional community as a professional member who is sensitive to society and the environment.

“More Effective Accurate Information, More Effective Business Life”